Pauline Robertson recently commented on a WARHorse post that she baked turmeric biscuits for her senior horses. Several of you asked for the recipe. Please check out “Stormy’s Turmeric Bikki’s Recipe! Thank you Pauline for sharing your time and recipe with WARHorses.

Stormy’s Turmeric Bikki’s FOR HORSES

  • 2 x cups rolled oats (NOT the quick cooking oats)
  • 2 x cups plain flour
  • 1 x cup coconut oil
  • 1 x cup olive oil
  • 2 x cups turmeric
  • 1 x cup brown sugar
  • 1-2 cups apple juice
  • 2 x heaping tablespoons cracked pepper
  • 1 x cup desiccated coconut

Preheat oven 180 degrees C.

Mix ingredients using 1 x cup apple juice gradually add the balance (I use gloves and grease proof baking paper to avoid yellow stains)

Divide mixture into 24 or 48 biscuits*

Press into round shapes

Bake for 25 minutes until firm (handle carefully until cooled as they are a bit crumbly when warm)


*If you bake 24 bikkies, each should contain about 2 tablespoons of turmeric – 48 should contain about 1 tablespoon per.

Stormy’s Turmeric Bikkis store easily in the freezer.

About Pauline

Pauline Robertson hails from Walpole, a small town in the southwest corner of Western Australia. Pauline and her husband have been married 28 years and have two sons in their early 20’s. The Robertson’s run a beef farm and they’ve got a couple of paint horses Stormy and Skye. From Pauline…

“Rianna Stormy Fortune” is 21 with an arthritic knee that unfortunately makes her unsound for riding.  Stormy has been with me for 20 years, she is my forever horse. She has been there through all my ups and downs, she has carried my kids as well, she is a wonderful shoulder to cry on and for the last year she has been with me for my incredibly hard chemo journey.

I have until the end of January then no more chemo! When life dishes out some hard knocks Stormy is my “sanity pill”. Although I have been unable to ride much, I can still take a cup of tea and sit out under a tree and have the wonderful calming influence that only our amazing animals can give us.  Stormy doesn’t care if I have hair or just a scarf, as long as she gets a cuddle and of course food – she loves her food! At the moment Stormy has a turmeric biscuit each day, which I make for her and of course she loves – it is food after all, LOL. The biscuits keep her arthritis in check.

When I am able to ride again I will ride my other lovely mare “Skye” and lead Stormy so she still feels part of it all.  A year or so before my “chemo journey” began, I had just started to put together some packing gear as I was going to go camping with my horses, that is still my plan. My only disappointment will be that Stormy won’t be able to be with me, so I will have to get another horse.  A new horse will have BIG shoes to fill. Stormy doesn’t have a mean bone in her, she doesn’t bite, kick (not even other horses), bolt or buck – well not much bucking, just enough to remind me that she is after all a horse! She has been bitless for the last 10 years. Stormy will never leave me, when the time comes for her to leave our world, I will know and we will deal with it then!
I hope the Turmeric biscuits can help other horses as they have helped my Stormy, but remember what might work for one horse might not work as well for another horse.



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