I’m so happy we’re officially in Soup Season. Don’t you love soup? And its heartier bro, stew?

I got this recipe a few months ago from a friend. Then I promptly lost the little post-it note I wrote it down on, but that’s OK because it’s so simple to make and with just four ingredients really hard to mess up.

But here’s the thing: it has NO BUSINESS tasting as good as it does. I mean, it’s delicious. The “silk” in the name is not a mistake or false advertising. It’s just one of those combos that’s greater than the sum of its ingredients. I’ve been making it at least twice a week and there are never any leftovers. It’s lovely to drink out of a mug to chase the chill away while also getting a ton of nutrients.

I’m a big fan of butter and don’t think fat is bad for you. It helps you absorb vitamins from the broccoli, so it’s our friend. I haven’t tried this with vegan butter, but I’ll bet it’s still tasty as could be. The photo doesn’t look appealing, but in person broccoli silk is a smooth, appetizing green nectar.

Broccoli Silk Soup


1 large bunch broccoli
1 tea salt
2 to 3 TBS butter
Tobasco sauce

Bring 3 cups of water and the salt to a boil. Cut the broccoli into florets and cook for 7-8 minutes in the boiling water with the lid mostly on (but let steam escape). Put the butter and a few dashes of Tobasco into a blender. When the broccoli is tender, pour off the cooking liquid into a bowl. Put the broccoli into the blender, and then add 2 cups of the cooking liquid. Blend on high for a minute or so until smooth. Done!

Loraine Fick is a writer and low-carb food experimenter with a love for animals and cake. Her greatest challenge is a short attention span, and her greatest strength, at least foodwise, is a desire to share recipes that are good and good for you. Follow Loraine’s blog at Spoonfully – Adventures in Low-Carb Cooking & Baking.