Often riders rely on physical/core strength to ride. Yet, is more muscle really what is needed to ride effortlessly? Or rather, is it the coordination of the right amount of muscle that brings fluid, effective riding?

Muscle memory is a commonly used term, but an odd term because muscles have no memory – they just do what they are told to do. So who’s the boss of the muscles? Your brain.

Your brain and only your brain coordinates your movement. So what is available to a rider to boost the brain/body connection so that refined, effective aids can be given instead of forceful, awkward ones?

The answer is your awareness, paying attention to how you move. It is this awareness that develops the brain/body connection. In turn, it is this improved body awareness that allows a rider to give aids effectively and confidently by using just the right amount of well-timed, coordinated movement. The result is your horse can give you what you are asking because your aids are clear and fluid.

Heather teaches women riders to create ease and flow in their bodies and riding. Trained as a Feldenkrais® movement teacher, her online classes have guided hundreds of riders around the world to become quiet, calm, effective riders so they can enjoy each and every ride. Heather’s mission is to help you create the life you want with your horse…a life that you deserve. www.ridingforwomen.com