WARHorses has made tremendous end roads this year, our first full year in business. We have been weaving words into your week with current events, interviews and features covering the horses we love. As storytellers, we try to regale you with interesting and inspiring stories but the only sure way to realize this goal is for you, each of you, to tell us directly how we are doing.


To date responses to our OPINION SURVEY indicated that 88% WARHorses’ stories make you feel good about yourself. That is our loftiest goal and we are tickled to know that we are doing so well, but we strive to do even better.


OPINION SURVEY responses to date also indicate that 74% of WARHorses are interested in more riding and training information. We heard you and are making it happen. We are partnering with several professionals to provide advice, tips and exercises in the new year.

We are making big changes for 2018 with more types of content – advice, lifestyle, product reviews, serials and more. While we map a game plan for the new year, we also continue to rely on your participation and input to help define WARHorses.

Please take our OPINION SURVEY. We need and honestly depend on your input. Tell us what you like, what you need and what topics most interest you. In return, we promise to continue working to make WARHorses your go to resource for all good things horse.

Thank you WARHorses!

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