Today’s #WARHorses TIP is one that hits home for many of us – buying feed. Baby’s gotta eat but that weekly trip to the feed store can put a pinch in your pocket book. Wouldn’t it be great to save a few dollars?

Feed stores and manufacturers occasionally offer loyalty discounts; i.e., buy 4 get 1 free. If you only own one horse, you’re spending hundreds on feed each month. Your local feed store and manufacturer want to keep your business. Trust us, both are less interested in selling you one bag of feed than they are selling you hundreds of bags of feed.

Marketers know that once a consumer is hooked on a brand they are more likely to continue buying that brand. Loyalty programs provide transactional benefit for consumers while establishing brand and store devotion.

Next time you’re at the feed store ask about loyalty programs or available discounts on bulk purchases. You’ll save a few bucks today and they’ll look forward to seeing you again next week and the next and the next.

Please note: the loyalty card photo featured in this article is an example and may not represent an actual current or valid offer.

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