Our first “I Knew That” quiz was such a hit, we’ve created another. Take the quiz and test your general knowledge about horses. Good luck!

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The Answers

Horses belong to a group of mammals with an odd number of toes including rhinoceroses and tapers, the horse’s closest living relatives. SOURCE

The Gaskin is the large muscle on the hind leg, just above the hock, below the stifle, homologous to the calf of a human. SOURCE

The Akhal-Teke breed from Turkmen coat has a distinctive metallic sheen caused by the transparent part of the hair which bends light through one side and refracting it out the other. SOURCE

Alfalfa is a legume hay. SOURCE

The Cantle is part of an english saddle. SOURCE

A horse’s average gestation period is 335-345 days. A donkey’s average gestation period is 360 to 375 days. SOURCE

A green ribbon is tied into a horse’s tail to let others know that the rider and/or horse are inexperienced. SOURCE

Jumping, Eventing and Dressage  are the 2020 recognized Olympic equestrian disciplines. SOURCE

The Pony of the Americas or POA is a pony breed developed in the United States in the 1950’s. SOURCE

A foal will mature into a yearling. A colt will become a stallion. A filly will become a mare. None of the answers are incorrect. SOURCE

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