A WARHorse Product Review

I am habitually slow to embrace technology. Only last year did I finally trade in my flip phone for a smart one. It then took a few days to figure out how to access the App Store (thanks Siri) then my whole world changed! I had finally stepped into the 21st century! My latest app download is dreamy, it’s a dating app for women who love horses and hot guys and hot horses that might be horse guys you’ll love. Being Valentine’s Day, we have posted this WARHorse Product Review for your consideration.

Umapri or My Horse Prince

Developed by USAYA Co., Ltd.

The storyline is that you are a girl from a city who works with a bunch of unattractive men. Bored, you decide to look for “hot guys”. Someone suggests that “princes ride horses” so you visit a horse ranch in your quest for true love. At the ranch you are guided by a strange cartoon farmer who introduces you to Yuuna a horse-human hybrid – your prince. You’re smitten!

The game then consists of episodes where you feed Yuuna carrots and engage in heartfelt conversations about carrots. There are endless absurd situations where you help Yuuna work out on a treadmill, learn to surf, even get a job all the while encouraging him by feeding him carrots.

The storyline of a human woman falling for a man/horse isn’t new. Ancient greek women swooned over Centaurs who symbolized lust and wild inappropriate behavior. Yuuna and his antics provide boundless absurdities courtesy Japanese developers conveniently downloaded to your smart phone.

This Valentine’s Day if you are a WARHorse looking for love, you may find it via My Horse Prince. Its strange, a little awkward and not meant to be taken seriously at all. So put on your silly hat and take Yuuna out for a spin. I forgot to mention – its FREE!


WARHorse Score

My Horse Prince wins a RED Ribbon.