From the time she was 11, Angela Wood dreamed of riding a horse across America. Over the next few decades, life offered its distractions but the dream was always in the back of her mind. A few weeks ago, Angela’s dream finally came true. At age 50, Angela set out on a 2-year nationwide trek, driving a team of horses across the country on a mission to bring awareness to the problem of child hunger in America.
On August 2, Angela’s friends and local supporters watched as she set off from her home in Science Hill, Kentucky. Her route will follow the Trail of Tears through the southern states this winter. By spring she will drive north to the Oregon Trail hoping to reach Washington State via the Lewis and Clark trail by Christmas 2019. Next year she will travel south through California then east through America’s southwest. Angela hopes to be home in Kentucky by July 2020.
Her means of travel are modest, a covered wagon that is itself stuffed to the brim. While she is driving, supplies are piled atop of her bed. Her trek is not funded, in fact far from it. Friends and family helped finance the wagon and initial supplies but Angela isn’t worried, she has faith that things will work out.


Her trip will include hundreds of stops at food banks, schools, churches and community events to discuss the problem of hunger in America. Angela hopes to raise $500 a month for her expenses, the balance will be donated to the charity, No Kid Hungry.
Angela’s travel companions include her three horses Renegade, Cochise and Jessie. Also along for the ride, her dog, Schatzie. The team will travel 15 to 25 miles a day for 3 to 5 days then resting several days before continuing.
Anyone interested in riding along for a few days is welcome, please contact Angela via her website, Challenge America Equine Trek. Offers of hospitality, supplies and donations should also be made through her website.

Photography Courtesy Angela Wood