We’ve dug around the web to unearthed these horsey/Halloween jokes, certain to tickle the funny bone of every boy and ghoul! Happy HaHaHalloween!


When do vampires like horse racing?

When it’s neck and neck

Which crop did the old hag use?

The witch twitch


Which horse did the witch choose to ride?

The broomtail

What kind of horse does a mummy take out on a ride?

Any old horse he can dig up

Why wasn’t there any hay left after the horse ate?

Cause he was a goblin


What kind of horse do ghosts like to ride?


Who did the breeder call when his horse was possessed by an evil spirit?

An exHORSEist

What did the policeman say to the undertaker when he started hitting his broken down car?

Stop beating a dead hearse

Why can’t the horse ghost win a race?

Because he’s always dead tired


What do you call a ghost horse with an absess?

A hoblin goblin

Why don’t skeletons ride endurance?

They don’t have the guts

Why did the skeleton trail ride by himself?

Because he didn’t have any body to ride with

Why did the dead horse and ghoul hang out together?

Because a dead horse is a ghoul’s best friend

Your welcome!


Photos Courtesy the Kearsley Scarecrow Competition held annually in Lancanshire County, UK.