The fifth leg of the FEI World Cup Driving competition runs December 12-18 in London. Boyd Exell, AUS, is the current leader winning a nail biter last weekend in Geneva after initially being eliminated.

During Round 1, Exell was eliminated when he knocked down a fence at the water element. The clock was stopped so the course could be reset. Meanwhile, home town favorite, Jerome Voutaz of Switzerland completed his Round 2 drive qualifying for the drive off. Exell appealed and was granted his final drive to win. Germany’s Georg Von Stein finished second, Bram Chardon of the Netherlands third and Voutaz finished fourth.

The Championships in Bordeaux, France are February 1-4. Only 3 qualifying events remain:

London, GBR December 12-18
Mechelen, BEL December 26 – 30
Leipzig, GER January 18-21

Current Top 5 Standings

Boyd Exell, AUS, 30 points
Ijsbrand Chardon, NED, 12 points
Georg Von Stein, GER, 12 points
Edouard Simonet, BEL 12 points
Chester Weber, USA, 11 points

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