Those rooftop footsteps overhead may not belong to Santa and his reindeer…

…for Andrius Burba the source is more likely a cat, dog or even a horse. Burba, a professional photographer from Lithuania, photographs animals from underneath. His first project, cats, was such a success, he went on to photograph dogs, bunnies and more recently, horses. The horse series took months to plan and more than 40 people to help pull off.

“As I started to organize the photoshoot of a horse, I knew that all I needed is to get 600 kg horse on a glass, dig 3 meters into the ground, put my camera under a big glass, and take a shot,” Burba explained. “I have found horse-friendly environment[s] and even made rubber horseshoes, to save the glass from scratching.”

Burba’s stark photographs emphasize this most imposing perspective eluding to the strength and presence of each horse. The photographs radiate with each horse’s personality; inquisitive, wary or unconcerned which only endears them to viewers.

Under Horse

“I really enjoy my work and the photoshoot we do. So far, the biggest project that was done is “Under-Horse”. But I don’t want to stop just here. I hope that the second big project will be done with Tigers and other Big Cats.”

This Christmas Eve if you plan to stay up late and wait for Santa’s arrival, be aware that those overhead footsteps may well belong to some species other than reindeer. Andrius Burba has the photos to prove it!

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