The First Cowgirl – Lucille Mulhall

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She was born in St. Louis, Missouri in 1885 to Colonel Zack and Agnes Mulhall. Four years later the family moved to the Oklahoma territory on a 160-acre ranch. The family grew to include 4 boys and 4 girls and the ranch expanded to 80,000 acres. Colonel Zack was a rascal, today his exploits would have [...]

She Rode ‘Til the Cows Came Home

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Guest Writer, Heather Beachum is a riding coach specializing in online programs to support women 40+ ride with relaxed confidence.  A resident of Virginia, Heather recently embarked on her own confidence building adventure. Kindly, she shares her tale with WARHorses – how an east coast, Feldenkrais practitioner traveled to the American west to, well…. to herd [...]

Charley Parkhurst Was One Tough – Fella?

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Being a whip (stagecoach driver) in the 1860’s was a harrowing occupation. Days were long, terrain difficult, passengers and horses were a handful to manage. Then there were the occasional hold-ups, gunfights and wild pigs bolting across the road. Being a whip was man’s work and one of the toughest was Charley Parkhurst. Charley Parkhurst was [...]

America’s Oldest Cowgirl

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When Connie Reeves was inducted into the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame in 2002, she didn’t think she was deserving. But after some consideration and persuasion, she agreed that she probably knew a lot and had certainly done a lot to qualify for this honor. Connie Reeves was 85 at the time. Born in 1901 on [...]

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