School District Hires Pony

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April 30, 2019 Lakewood, NJ (USA): Nearly a fifth of the preschool students enrolled in the Lakewood school district have special education needs. To meet those needs, the school district is adding additional classes and seeking help from a unique resource - EATS or Equine-Assisted Therapy. Peanut is one of several therapy ponies and dogs that [...]

Retired Doctor Gets a Surprise “Horse Call”

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Dr. John B. Martin, Jr., is a retired country doctor from South Carolina. He grew up on the family’s cattle farm with four sisters and two brothers then went to the Medical University of South Carolina. He worked as an Army doctor, stationed in Japan. When he returned to the US, he moved back to the [...]

Pony Hugs Provide Relief for Stressed Airport Travelers

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This past week America’s airports have been a source of news, not good.  Bad behavior exhibited by the airlines included dragging a man from his seat and breaking his nose and a flight attendant who brought a mother to tears when he wrenched a stroller from her hands. Flying is unnerving even on a good day. [...]

Therapy Mini Makes Big Impression

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At first glance, his small stature does not make a big impression but when you consider his good deeds, he becomes a giant among therapy horses. Mr P, an American miniature pony, is a regular fixture at elderly care homes, hospitals and elementary schools in County Durham, UK. Katie Smith, 56, began K&L Pony Therapy in [...]

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