There’s One Sure Way to Improve the Queen’s Day – Add Horses!

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March 28 2019 (UK): The Queen enjoyed a busy day in Somerset, where she unveiled a commemorate plaque at the new Kings Bruton Music Centre, enjoyed an exhibit at Hauswer & Wirth Art Gallery and visited Manor Farm Stables where she fed carrots to the race horses, many of whom she was acquainted having seen them [...]

WARHorses’ Video Favs – Racing Ponies Before the Queen

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Some WARHorses were lucky to grow up riding ponies, galloping across pastures racing the wind like no body’s business. Kids chosen to compete in Britain’s Shetland Pony Grand National each year, don’t need to daydream about winning races, they have the opportunity nearly every weekend, hoping to qualify for the final race before the queen. The [...]

This Weekend New York is All About Queens and Crowns

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Winning one of this weekend’s races at Belmont Park (NY) would be a dream come true for anyone including a couple of queens who have thrown their hats, err, crowns in the races. On Friday, Queen Elizabeth’s 4 year old turf colt Call to Mind will run in the 2 mile, $400,000 Belmont Gold Cup. It [...]

The Queen’s Astonishing Race Winnings

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Many families cherish tradition, passing along great grandma’s wedding china or the helmet worn by great, great granddaddy during WW1. If you happen to be a British Royal, you may well be genetically engineered to behold tradition, particularly regarding a passion for good horses. Queen Anne enjoyed horse racing so much that in 1711 she designated [...]

The Queen’s Favorite Men Retire

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With more than a century of public service between them, two of the Royal Household’s men announced their retirement last week. The 96-year-old Duke of Edinburgh retired from public life after attending a parade of the Royal Marines at Buckingham Palace on August 2nd.  A few days later, Daniel, the Queen’s favorite carriage horse was put [...]

All the Queen’s Horses – a Week of Indulgence

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Surely the Queen’s cup runneth over when it comes to horses, particularly this week. In a seven-day window the Queen has indulged in horses as she celebrated Trooping the Colours last Saturday, a hack through the grounds at Windsor Castle on Monday and is spending Tuesday through Saturday afternoons at the Ascot Racecourse. It really is [...]

The Queen and Prince Philip Out Horsing Around

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The Queen, 91, and Duke of Edinburgh, 96, had an unexpected “free day” and spent it at Windsor castle with their horses. The Queen was scheduled to be in London for the State Opening of Parliament but that was rescheduled for Wednesday. So she donned a pair of breeches and went for a leisurely ride. Meanwhile [...]

The Queen Rides Into Spring

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Every WARHorse knows that the first sign of spring rejuvenates our zeal for riding. Apparently the effect reached the Queen who went for a ride earlier today. Joined by her Head Groom, Terry Pendry, the two enjoyed a trot along the Thames near Windsor Castle. Reports suggest the Queen was riding her black Fell pony, Carltonlima [...]

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