40 Year Old Horse Sets New “Standard” Down Under

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A mare in Selby (Australia) named “Flame of Trunkey” has reached an incredible milestone and has celebrated her 40th birthday (in human years that’s about 110 years old). Flame is a Standardbred Harness Race Horse born in NSW (New South Wales) in 1976. She was bought as a yearling by the mother-in-law of her current owner, [...]

The Remarkable Homecoming of the “American Girl”

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“American Girl” was a famous harness racer who died during a race in1875. “Weak-jointed, loose-gaited, worst looking, crooked-legged filly that was ever foaled in Peekskill, but grew into an outstanding specimen of a Standardbred horse”. The 13-year-old bay mare had quite a racing reputation by the time she arrived at the Eldridge Driving Park in Elmira, [...]

Meet the “Mad Max-ine” of Harness Racing

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Kerryn Manning (39) from Australia is the Mad Max(ine) of harness racing! A trailblazer since winning her first race at 16, Manning has since docked more than 11,000 races and 3500 wins. She is one of the top harness drivers in the world! Harness racing showcases the abilities of Standardbred horses. Horses race around a track [...]

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