Safety Tips for Riders Caught in a Lightning Storm

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A single bolt of lightning can be hotter than the surface of the sun reaching 1 billion volts of electricity. Lightning occurs worldwide, most frequently along the equator and more so over land than sea. The United States for example sees an average of 20 million lightning strikes each year. A person’s chance of being struck [...]

Female Outrider Catches Loose Preakness Horse

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The stars of yesterday’s Preakness race were not the winning horse and jockey but the loose horse and pursuing outrider team. Bodexpress ran the entire race without his jockey, John Valezquez, unceremoniously dumped at the starting gate. A loose horse on the track is incredibly dangerous and fortune smiled at Pimlico on Saturday when Bodexpress ran [...]

Wildfire Safety DON’T for Horses

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Preparing for evacuation from the wildfires near Williams Lake, British Columbia (CAN), Cindy Roddick asked her 15-year-old son Jacob to spray paint their phone number on the family’s two horses. “What the hell happened to my horse?” she asked on inspecting her son’s work. It seems Jacob misunderstood his instructions. "I thought she told me to [...]

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