Horseback Carolers Herald the Holiday

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The holiday season is upon us, colorful lights brighten evening commutes, pine wreaths welcome us at every doorway, ornaments and tinsel adorn the trees in our living rooms. The holidays fill our senses perhaps none more than holiday sounds, particularly songs. This past weekend, residents of Fox Crossing, Wisconsin were serenaded by carolers, better yet, carolers [...]

A Rescued Pony’s Fairy Tale

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In 2010 the RSPCA rescued a group of neglected Dartmoor ponies from a rural farm in England. Among the group was a filthy, emaciated two-year-old named Roy. Two-year-old Roy rescued by the RSPCA Four years later Roy found his forever home with Zara Johnstone-Evans and her six-year-old son Toby. Roy had little training but [...]

She Could Have Picked Any Horse, But She Chose This One

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When her husband offered to buy her a horse, it might have sounded like a fairy tale come true for Kimberly Lewis. But in the end, Lewis settled for the one horse whose life was more like the opposite of a fairy tale. Something, in fact, closer to a nightmare. After looking at several horses and [...]

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