WARHorses’ Video Favs – Racing Ponies Before the Queen

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Some WARHorses were lucky to grow up riding ponies, galloping across pastures racing the wind like no body’s business. Kids chosen to compete in Britain’s Shetland Pony Grand National each year, don’t need to daydream about winning races, they have the opportunity nearly every weekend, hoping to qualify for the final race before the queen. The [...]

Pony Takes a Spin with Cyclists

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A spunky pony escaped his pasture then put the pedal to the metal against cyclists competing at the Tour of Poland on Thursday. Joining the race during the WorldTour race’s sixth stage the pony gave his all for about a minute until Russian cyclist Roman Maikin ushered it safely toward the race marshals. [...]

Women of Age Racing in the Mongolian Derby

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Its time again for the Mongolian Derby – the world’s longest horse race. This year 36 competitors, 12 men, 24 women from 9 countries will ride semi-wild Mongolian horses 1000km across the Mongolian steppe tracing Chinggis Khaan’s ancient postal route. Riders must balance survival skills and horsemanship, endure the elements and navigate unfamiliar terrain to reach [...]

A Most Impressive Race – Arrogate

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4 year-old, Arrogate, continues to dominate Thoroughbred racing. Named the American Champion 3 Year-Old Male Horse and World’s Best Racehorse in 2016, he added yet another win this past weekend – the Dubai Cup. Last out of the gate, the big gray colt went to the outside to pass 14 horses and win by 2 ¼ [...]

WARHorses Race in History’s Footsteppes

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The Mongolian Derby is 1000 km (621 miles) across the Palearctic grasslands of the Mongolian Steppe. The annual race recreates the postal relay route developed in 1223 by Genghis Khaan. The race is sponsored by The Adventurists, an organization that raises money for charities while “fighting to make the world less boring.” Billed as the World’s [...]

The Remarkable Homecoming of the “American Girl”

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“American Girl” was a famous harness racer who died during a race in1875. “Weak-jointed, loose-gaited, worst looking, crooked-legged filly that was ever foaled in Peekskill, but grew into an outstanding specimen of a Standardbred horse”. The 13-year-old bay mare had quite a racing reputation by the time she arrived at the Eldridge Driving Park in Elmira, [...]

She Didn’t Want to Sell Him but She Did

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Have you ever done something then come to regret it? You had that gut feeling but reasoned yourself out of it? Maybe you considered buying a horse then didn’t? Maybe you sold your horse and wish you hadn’t? That’s what happened in 2010 to Phyllis Wyeth when she sold one of her yearlings and immediately regretted [...]

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