Frontier News from the Overland Mail Coach

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May 9, 1860, Springfield, Ohio (USA): The Overland Mail Coach, with Lieut. Cogswell, of the USA, Dr. J P Breck, and Mr. and Mrs. Arnold, as passengers, and San Francisco dates to the 20th of April, arrived here at 4 P M California news anticipated by the Pony Express. By this arrival we have news from [...]

Honoring a Remarkable Korean WARHorse

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It has been nearly 50 years since Sergeant Reckless passed away yet we still honor her service as a United States Marine. Why call out this particular soldier from among so many deserving veterans? Because Sergeant Reckless was unique, she was a horse. Reckless during wartime.PC: United States Marine Corp/PDSA Several US Marines [...]

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