The Language Barrier

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Written by Candace Wade, Contributor Or, things they don’t tell you about horseback riding. I began learning to ride a horse in my mid-40s — years ago. Navigating the mysteries of the horse, the stressful “no-two-tack-combinations-are-the-same” equipment and then the actual riding of a horse was/is complex enough for my road-weary mind. Layer on the [...]

Horse Seller and Buyer’s Taxing Texts

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Personally I have no experience selling horses, apparently my pasture only accepts “incoming” equines. I understand from horse selling friends that the process can be quite taxing - the most common contention being “the human factor”. British eventer, Will Murray, seems to have ample experience with speculative buyers and recently penning this fictitious text thread via [...]

Wildfire Safety DON’T for Horses

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Preparing for evacuation from the wildfires near Williams Lake, British Columbia (CAN), Cindy Roddick asked her 15-year-old son Jacob to spray paint their phone number on the family’s two horses. “What the hell happened to my horse?” she asked on inspecting her son’s work. It seems Jacob misunderstood his instructions. "I thought she told me to [...]

Whats YOUR Falling Off Style?

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Written & Illustrated by Melanie Eberhardt I fell off my horse. I hurt. Worse than the pain – I won’t be riding anytime soon. My doctor made me pinky swear to stay off horses for 6-8 weeks, then for good measure, wait 4 more weeks.  So… I find myself with a lot of free time. I’m [...]

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