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Kicks a Car, Routs a Policeman, but is Subdued by Strategy. February 19, 1906, New York, NY (USA): Skipper James Olsen of the canalboat Mary Ellen, lying at the foot of West Fifty-seventh Street, took three mules out on the pier late last night to exercise them. For two weeks they had done no work. [...]

Pony Takes a Spin with Cyclists

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A spunky pony escaped his pasture then put the pedal to the metal against cyclists competing at the Tour of Poland on Thursday. Joining the race during the WorldTour race’s sixth stage the pony gave his all for about a minute until Russian cyclist Roman Maikin ushered it safely toward the race marshals. [...]

Equine Eludes Law Enforcement

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Did you know that suspects in police chases get away 35% of the time? The study conducted by the International Association of Chiefs of Police in 2015 also found that nearly 36% of police chases end when the suspect stops on his own. Recently a New Jersey resident - of the genus Equus - went on [...]

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