Remembering Doris Day

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Legendary actress and singer, Doris Day, passed away Monday at 97. We grew up watching her movies “Pillow Talk” and my favorite “Don’t Eat the Daisies” and listening to songs like “Que Sera Sera” and “Sentimental Journey”. What is less known about Day is her dedication to help animals. “You have to do things, you have [...]

Montreal’s Pink Pony Mystery Solved

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APRIL, 2019, Montreal, Canada: Early in the month, frantic Canadians scoured the Île Sainte-Hélèn, an island in Montreal, for a lost pony sporting a pink mane. Photos of the pony posted on Facebook sparked elaborate search efforts by officials, rescue groups and concerned neighbors. No one could imagine how or why the pony was wandering the [...]

Elderly Arab Frozen Inside Snow Drift

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March 13, 2019 Rush, Colorado (USA): There are certain weather events that defy preparation. You are simply left to deal with it the best you are able. Wednesday’s Bomb Cyclone paralyzed parts of the central US with hurricane strength winds and drifting snow. A bomb cyclone is a meteorological term for a storm that intensifies quickly [...]

Mini’s Instincts Saved Her Life

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Any disaster is terrifying. There is seldom time to consider options, decisions must often be made in the moment. Those decisions often mean the difference between life and death. Her instinct to seek higher ground certainly saved her life. Leaf, a 9-year-old miniature mare was found on a roof Monday in western Japan. Days of torrential [...]

Court Forces Closure – Carriage Horses Retired

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In December, Philadelphia, PA, courts ordered the closing of the Philadelphia Carriage Company. The order was determined after inspection of the facility and documentation of poor living conditions being provided for their 8 carriage horses. As of January 1, the company ceased operations under a consent decree with the city. This week the former city horses [...]

April 26 – National Help a Horse Day

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The adage “if you build it they will come” might work for Kevin Costner in the movies but its not an effective plan in real life. Equestrian rescues and sanctuaries work long hard hours caring for abused and neglected animals. Community engagement and fund raising are just an important, without volunteers and money, the best efforts [...]

Cyclone Makes for an Unusual “Horse” Guest

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It seems with all our modern technology and the immediacy of today’s communications, we remain perpetually ill prepared for disasters. We plan as best we’re able, but nature is a fickle force and we are at its mercy. For the last few days Cyclone Debbie has pounded eastern Australia causing unimaginable flooding in an area the [...]

Advice for WARHorses Interested in Buying a Horse

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Alice MacGillivray, PhD, is author of “Riding Horseback in Purple” written for “women of age” who maybe considering horse ownership – first timers and re-riders alike.  Alice guides readers through scenarios that help dissect the reality of horse ownership from our childhood fantasies. An expert in adult learning, Alice explores ways we connect with horses as [...]

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