Any association with or reference to the broad general category of large horses with no particular association to a specific breed or purpose.

Wa-Keeney Horse Breeder’s Assn.

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Bayard 40394 Imported Percheron Stallion. Bayard has passed the examination of the State Veterinary department. He is a registered, imported black stallion, 18 1-2 hands high, and weighs 1800 lbs. Good bone and action. Bayard will make the season of 1910 at my livery barn in Collier. Positively no work Sunday. TERMS - $12.00 to [...]

Carlton & United Breweries’ Clydies Retire

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Like Budweiser Beer in the U.S., Carlton and United Breweries (CUB) in Australia also has a famous team of Clydesdale horses. However, after 65 years this team of drafts are being retired. Three of the six horse team are older and their trainer for the past 34 years, Glen Pate, is retiring. Given the flux of [...]

Pfft – Dog Days Don’t Drag This Draft Down

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Britain’s oldest surviving breed tilled the soil that fed a nation for centuries. Times have changed, today the critically endangered Suffolk Punch is looking for new purpose as it struggles to survive. One particular Punch has taken up a new job receiving eye popping reactions from the other participants. Craikhow Hall Jensen is a nine-year-old Suffolk [...]

Jousting Competition Proves Fatal for One Noble Steed

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Americans have always been fascinated by the Renaissance. Since the 1960’s Renaissance Festivals have flourished, providing a venue for attendees to “get into character” and a great place to people watch. Renaissance Festivals employ bands of performers who create an imaginative world of costumed fire eaters, jugglers, musicians, falconers and battling knights. [...]

Meet Pittsburgh’s New Police Horse

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Guiness.Photo: Pittsburgh Public Safety Department Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania was looking for ways to cut their budget in 2003. Terminating the nearly century year old mounted police unit was just one of many difficult decisions made that year. This spring the city announced that they were looking at ways to bring the mounted unit back. The [...]

Trump Trips on the Job

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Last Tuesday, Trump took a tumble on the streets of Charleston, South Carolina. In training for a new job, he apparently fell to his knees but quickly regained his footing. Concerned witnesses notified local authorities. His transition team, obligated to report all incidents that might cause injury or property damage, quickly escorted him back to his [...]

Drafts Deliver Christmas to the White House

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A team of draft horses recently made a special delivery to the White House. First Lady Michelle Obama kicked off the Christmas season receiving a 19-foot Douglas fir as the official White House Christmas tree. “Christmas begins. The holidays start,” Mrs. Obama exclaimed after accepting the tree from Dave and Mary Vander Velden, owners of an [...]

Thirty Two Amazing Feets

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If you are a WARHorse, you know horses are capable of amazing feats. Somehow there’s a horse than can run faster, jump higher or go further than any horse before. This week a humble team of eight Belgian drafts showed the stuff they’re made of when they moved an old house. The community of Arthur, Illinois [...]

Dodging a Knock Out Punch

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Britain’s oldest native breed horse is more endangered than China’s giant panda or the Siberian tiger. Only 300 Suffolk Punches remain in the UK. Both the Rare Breeds Survival Trust in the UK and the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy consider its status critical. The Suffolk Punch originated from Medieval WARHorses, sturdy mounts on which titans clashed [...]

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