Just because you’re a horse, doesn’t mean you have nightmares.

We’d like to introduce you to Felix the foal but shhhh, he’s napping. Like all foals Felix enjoys a good nap after a filling meal. His mother, Fling, nibbles grass nearby as Felix dreams. Perhaps he’s running across an open field, or leading a carriage team down a country road or perhaps even winning the Kentucky Derby. We’ll never know for sure what this little one imagines for himself, but we can be certain that he’ll be leading any charge.

Felix and Fling live in Peterborough, Ontario on a farm that houses other animals including pigs, cows and a number of dogs. Sounds like a dream come true – it certainly is for Felix. Live well little one!

The Winning Haikus

We asked you to tell us what Felix is dreaming in the form of a Haiku. Congrats to both winning submissions!

I run like the wind
The derby is mine today
Blanket of roses
– Jenny Daly

Oh to stretch my legs
And dream of my life to be
Perfect day for sure
– Brenda Rollins

  Jenny and Brenda will receive a pair of Proud To Be A WARHorse DECALS and MAGENTS – a $20 value! Be certain to follow #WARHorses on Facebook page. You maybe our next contest winner!