Horse Sluts: The Saga of Two Women on the Trail of Their Yeehaw
by Candace Wade with Penelope Langley

In this hilariously narrated part memoir, part paperback therapist, part equestrian travelogue, readers join two women “of a certain age” as they take to the trails as passionate new riders. Along the way they embrace life with exuberance and occasional left turns.

(l to r) Penelope Langley and Candace Wade

This book is a must read for anyone that loves horses and loves reading about other peoples’ adventures. Then let it be your impetus to go out and grab your own yeehaw – I have!
Most inspiring honesty in the story of two women who not only live and find their “yee-haw” but also find themselves as they see no age limit or life’s traumas as obstacles to soaring and trying new paths and adventures that only horses can metaphorically, and literally, take them…
Raucous laughs and unbridled honesty await once you crack this gem. Brimming with authenticity, insight, and unabashed spirit, Horse Sluts is a fantastic read for anyone who has ever picked up the reins of life and challenged him/herself!

Wade and Langley are colorful, authentic no-holds-barred storytellers. Their tips for new riders will make even the most seasoned horsewoman burst out laughing (“riding panties matter”), they coin clever phrases that will cause a reader to wish she had thought of them, make profound observations about what they’ve learned along the way, and share touching and sometimes somber anecdotes. Neither own nor wish to own horses but their pursuit of proper horsemanship, their celebration of successes and flops, and their compassion for horses in service to those who pay to ride for an hour or a few days makes them true horsewomen.

A fun and fast read for anyone who longs to ride and, to borrow from Candace Wade, spit age in the eye.

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“Maybe it’s because we both have quirky OTTB’s, or the same sense of humor, or because we both love Jesus but have been known to be a little sweary, but not only is Alison Cochran my riding instructor, she’s my best friend and one of the most amazing people I know.”

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