Dear Appy,
I don’t understand what I did wrong. For many years I lived in a small barn in the backyard of a family with three little girls. They would come to the barn and brush me and braid flowers in my mane and kiss my nose. Sometimes they would climb on my back for a “ride” all three at once but I didn’t mind a bit. They grew quickly and soon were too big to ride. They came to the barn less often, eventually not at all. I eat well, I always have clean water, I love being in my stall. I run to the gate to greet anyone who comes to visit. I have never bitten or kicked anyone, not even the vet. But no one comes to the barn to braid flowers in my mane anymore. What did I do wrong?
Signed, Lovely

Dear Lovely,
Oh dear. This makes Appy sad. You did nothing wrong. I can assure you that you gave the little girls wonderful memories that they’ll keep forever. They still love you even if you don’t see them any more. Sometimes when humans grow up they go somewhere for advanced training and learn to be “too busy”.  It sounds like you need what humans call “grandchildren” and “neighbor kids”. That’s a certain kind of immature human. Maybe your humans can find you a couple of them so you can teach them the finer points of arranging flowers in your mane. Make sure to get a vet check first. Some are defective and undisciplined. In the meantime, you could learn to make a fuss and make it known you would appreciate some company now and then. Maybe they will get you a pony to keep you company.
Hugs, Appy