Dear Appy:
I also have a blog that I write trying to better understand my lil short person!  I am so glad I am not alone.
My problem is that she doesn’t seem to enjoy my lil Bella dance that I do before I transition up into the trot.  She keeps saying things like stay on the bit, use your back.
Can you help me explain to my lil short human what she needs to do in order to help my not imitate a giraffe when transitioning from the walk to trot?

Dear Bella,
I hear you. Interpretive dance isn’t appreciated by the masses. I’ve always found it confusing but I admire the creativity. Dancers need strength in order to be graceful. Sometimes humans forget that maintaining our natural grace isn’t so easy when we have to manage 120 pounds or more shifting around on our backs, sometimes throwing off our balance. Why, I’ve heard humans whine about being sore after carrying a bag of feed across the stable yard at a slow crawl. They should try that at a trot. Wimps. I’m also sensing some mixed messaging might be happening. Humans excel at giving conflicting signals. I think it’s in their DNA. Like asking for a trot but holding us back with their hands or seat. “But I asked you to trot!” and you’re thinking, Nope. That’s not what you said. Maybe suggest that she hit the restart button. Get her to forget “on the bit” for now. Maybe yank those reins out of her hands and show her your most fluid walk to trot to walk transitions on a loose rein without asking for anything else. Just a few steps at a time. Walk-trot-walk-trot. It’s not like you’re going to run off, right? Because that would be fun. Er, I meant bad. Save that for when you really need it. Then you can do your best impression of a gazelle!
Best of luck, Appy

Dear Appy,
I board my horse, Loui, and only have time to see him on the weekend. I am always excited to see him and enjoy a ride. I practically run to the pasture gate to bring him in but when I call him, he ignores me. When I enter the pasture to catch him, he runs the other way. Does my horse hate me?
Laura Loves Loui

Dear Laura Loves Loui,
Loui isn’t getting the feels. Every time you show up it’s with the expectation he will cart your butt around he will have to leave his grass and his friends and go to work while you have all the fun. Where’s the joy in that? I suggest you take a step back and try to find the magic in your relationship again. If you’re always taking and never giving, Loui is going to keep giving you a view of his backside walking away. You might need to do some serious buttering up. Take him an offering when you visit. Something edible. I personally prefer sweet potatoes. Spend a little quality time. Loui will thank you.
Best of luck, Appy

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