Dear Appy,
Is there something wrong with laying down to take a nap? Several times a day, I stretch out in the grass for a good rest. However, if my person sees me laying flat out in the pasture, she comes running screaming my name. Her hysterics scare me so I jump to my feet. She seems immediately relieved once she sees me standing. What am I doing wrong? 
Signed, Dozey

Dear Dozey,
O. M. Gee. If one more human comes screaming at me while I’m trying to catch some zzz’s… I feel you on this one. Like most human-horse issues, it’s all on the human. Sometime back in the day, someone spread a rumor that horses don’t sleep lying down. It’s like one of those viral internet things. “I saw it on the internet so it must be true!” Gimme a break. You’d think they’d know better. Let them try and get some solid sleep at night while old Buzz is snoring in the stall next door, or they catch the night shift for guard duty out in the field. The next time she comes flying at you screaming your name, jump up, mimic her panic, and just flat run her over. She’ll think twice the next time. 
Sincerely, Appy