Dear Appy,
I’m really good to my horse. Why does she feel the need to fart at the precise moment I’m grooming her tail or giving her a good scratch?
Flatulent Filly Mom

Dear Mom,
Geesh,you humans are so uptight about passing gas. I see you crouching in the corner of the tack room to let one rip in private or watch your eyes bulge out as you strain to keep one captive around your friends. Good grief. You need to embrace flatulence. A good fart feels great and with a little extra effort it can sound great too. Honestly, you’re looking at this “problem” from the wrong point of view. A gas pass to the face is not a dis, it is a high honor. It means we’re relaxed and comfortable in your presence. So next time your horse honors you with this esteemed compliment don’t panic, just say “thanks, i love you too”.

BTW. Your furry, four-legged friend who is always under foot…you know, the one who eats bugs, drinks from the toilet and snacks from the litter box…the one you allow to snuggle with you in bed? Well, when your friend Fido lets one rip, it IS a dis. Thought you should know.
Keepin’ it real, Appy

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