Dear Appy,

I have a boss mare. She is a tiny thing who rules the other horses with an iron fist. She’s always great with me, good ground manners, obliging for grooming, loves a bath and enjoys trail riding. I’ve had her since she was a yearling and she’s in her 30’s now. I have one pet peeve, she won’t pick up her feet for me. She’s happy to lift and hold her hooves for the farrier but when I try to pick her feet, she leans and puts all her weight on the foot I’m asking for. In 30 years I have only cleaned her hoofs a dozen or so times when I’ve caught her off guard. Can you explain why she behaves like this?
Thank you, Sue

Dear Sue,
She behaves like that because she can. She’s over 30 and she’s the boss. Give it up. That wagon has rolled out of town. Boss Mare is the boss of you. As her subordinate, the only time you will be permitted to pick up her feet is if she wants them cleaned. I suspect she laughs a little every time you try. We all do. But do keep trying. If you must, use edibles as an incentive. But bring enough for everyone. And take heart, you know she’ll ask for help if she needs it.
Best of luck, Appy

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