General Summary Shows Many Cases Investigated And Much Good Work Done By Society’s Agent In The City And County For Dumb Animals


Annapolis, MD, 1920. Agent John C. Blaisdell, of the Anne Arundel County Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, has submitted his report for the month ending January 31, which report is an excellent one, and shows the good work being done by the Society in caring for animals, and “speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves. The report follows:

General Summary
Cases investigated, 14; horses taken from work, 1; horses humanely destroyed, 1; small animals humanely destroyed, 5; stables visited, 18.

Daily Activities

January 1, Cautioned one of Wm. Pack’s drivers about not using shaft prop.
January 6, Destroyed dog on Chesapeake avenue, Eastport.
January 9, visited Annapolis dog pound and found it O.K.
January 10, served final warning on W.A. Schaffer, . W J. Schaffer and E. Schaffer, chicken peddlers, about overcrowding chickens in coop and carrying them by legs with heads down.
January 11, visited farms near Parole to inspect condition of cows, previously examined on complaint of member of the Society.
January 12, warned driver on Shaw street about over-loading wagon.
January 13, destroyed dog at 92 Gloucester street.
January 14, Suspended horse belonging to William Butler, Gott’s Court.
January 17 – Inspected country teams on Market Space.
January 19 – Warned Chas. Smith and R. Hamilton about using whip unnecessarily and racing horses on city streets.
January 20, ordered driver working for Albert Scala to blanket horse.
January 21, ordered George Larkins, 54 Northwest street to keep dog confined (had been killing cats) and to get out license for same.
January 22, notified Ed. Chapman about horse being ill-treated. Samuel Day, one of his drivers, was discharged.
January 24, released Wm. Butler’s horse from suspension.
January 26, destroyed dog that refused to leave house at Cedar Park where his master had been burned.
January 27, warned N. Weedon about overcrowding chicken coops.
January 28, destroyed horse for John Noban at Gambrill’s, Md.
January 29, destroyed dog for Frank Reed, Fifth street, Eastport.
January 31, found home for dog with Thomas Kirby, Germantown. Dog had been turned over to Society by Mrs. Ennis of West Annapolis.

JOHN C. BLAISDELL, Agent. Phone 271-W

Don’t By President

When a dog approaches you, wagging his tail, he takes you to be a gentleman. DON’T let him find out you are not one by ill-treating him.
DON’T leave your horse unblanketed this cold weather even in the stable. It will take less to feed him, if he is kept warm.
DON’T allow the birds to starve for want of food. It is hard for them to find food, when the ground is covered with sleet and snow. They help us to make our living by destroying weed seed and insects that prey upon our crops.
DON’T leave your animals out to suffer from cold. Give them a good shelter and warm bedding.
DON’T put a frosted bit into your horse’s mouth. Dip it into water or take the frost out by rubbing it with your hand or a dry cloth.
DON’T run risk of your horse falling and breaking a leg because of dull shoes. Keep them well sharpened.

SAMUEL GARNER, Pres. S.P.C.A. Phone 335-W

Originally published by the Evening Capital and Maryland Gazette, Annapolis, Maryland, February 6, 1920.

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In Which Country Was the SPCA Founded?


In England in 1824.

The SPCA was originally founded to prevent abuse of carriage horses.