May 9, 1860, Springfield, Ohio (USA): The Overland Mail Coach, with Lieut. Cogswell, of the USA, Dr. J P Breck, and Mr. and Mrs. Arnold, as passengers, and San Francisco dates to the 20th of April, arrived here at 4 P M California news anticipated by the Pony Express.
By this arrival we have news from the frontiers of Texas, obtained from Lieut. Cogswell and Dr Breck They report the Indians very troublesome in the vicinity of Mustang Pond [Nevada], and between Mountain Pass Station and Phantom Hill.
A blacksmith in the employ of the Overland Mail Company, and three men living at Mountain Pass, were murdered by the Comanches the day before the stage passed there.
Fifteen Indians stopped at Mustang Pond and committed sundry depredations upon the whites.
The scout for this stage saw some bands of Indians at the latter place, looking with eager eyes towards the coach, and the passengers prepared themselves for a fight, but the red skins were too wary, and it did not become necessary to fire upon them.
Col. Fountleroy had started on a tour to select a site for Fort Butler.
Maj. Ruff had been ordered with five companies of rifles to take the field immediately against the Kiowa and Comanches. His depot was at Fort Butler.
Several ranging companies were out in the vicinity of Jackborough.

Originally Published in the Daily Ohio Statesman, May 10, 1860, Columbus, Ohio (USA)


(File photos Courtesy, Library of Congress. Feature: Overland Mail Stagecoach, 1865)