This latest installment of WARHorses “History’s Horses” reports the unfortunate result of drunk driving 160 years ago. The post is tragic but the writing style, judgemental and flourished, is a delight. 

Illustration: Samuel Chamberlain 1855


OCT 8, 1851, Blackstone, MA: One of the melancholy results of intemperance, transpired this morning at Blackstone. A man, with a horse and chaise, left TAFT’S stable at about 12 o’clock last night, for Milford, where he belonged. Bewildered with drink, he took the track of the Worcester Railroad, and drove off a high bridge near the Norfolk County depot. The distance to the water is upwards of forty feet. The terrible plunge was heard at a house near by, and several men immediately repaired to the spot. The dead horse and smashed vehicle were soon drawn to the shore, but the search for the man proved fruitless, till about seven this morning, when his body was recovered. We understand that the deceased was a Scotchman, named MOLAND, and that he leaves a family. Two rum bottles were found in the carriage. The water, where the accident occurred, is from ten to fourteen feet deep. Two caps or hats were found floating of the surface, which leads to the supposition that another human victim may have shared in this shocking catastrophe. 

Originally Published by the Woonsocket Patriot, RI.