Maybe its the rows of chocolate bunnies that greet me when I enter the grocery store. Maybe its the blooming tulips, iris and azaleas dotted about my yard. Maybe its the beautiful pastel eggs my chickens provide every day. Whatever the reason, I’ve got Easter on my mind and can’t stop looking at Pinterest photos of donkeys and their gigantic fuzzy ears.

We’re sharing our obsession with this posting of WARHorses’ Favorite Videos featuring donkeys who possess particularly impressive abilities to solve problems, carry a tune and give their human a big ole hug.

Smart Donkey

This donkey’s name is Oreste. He and his friends live at a donkey sanctuary in Italy.

Videos Courtesy Ryan Barkentine

Talented Donkey

This is Harriet the Donkey who lives in Ireland. She serenades passers by with a perfectly pitched G. Michael Stanton regular walks past Harriet’s pasture. He first called the donkey Harrison but changed it to Harriet after she had a baby.

“She lives about 20 minutes away from me in Toureen, Connemara,” he said. “I know the family who own her and I bring carrots, bread and ginger nut biscuits. She never hew-haws like other donkeys.”

Video Courtesy: Martin Stanton October 2018

Loving Donkey

No one could have a bad day if it started with a greeting like this.