WARHorses Favorite Videos

A Disney Classic for Halloween

In 1949, Walt Disney Productions released “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”, an animated adaptation of the 1820 story by Washington [...]

WARHorses’ Video Favs – Donkey Love

Christopher Ameruoso is a celebrity photographer from LA. In his spare time, he noodles on the guitar, much to the [...]

WARHorses’ Video Favs – Racing Ponies Before the Queen

Some WARHorses were lucky to grow up riding ponies, galloping across pastures racing the wind like no body’s business. Kids [...]

WARHorses’ Video Favs – Gettin’ It Done At Any Age

One of the most common questions we WARHorses ask of ourselves is whether we are too old to ride. The [...]

WARHorses’ Video Favs – The Free Race Horse Who Won a Million

You don't have to love horse racing to love this story. The plot is straight from movies like Seabiscuit and [...]

WARHorses’ Video Favs – Tracey Ullman as the Duchess of Cornwall

Britain's best comedien NAILS IT! Love the line, "looking after children is like falling off a horse, only less fun." [...]

The Shining Star of Losers Everywhere – Haru Urara

Kristen Kovatch, Managing Editor HorseNation.com, has a knack for finding great stories. Today she introduces us to Japan’s beloved loser, [...]