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1804, 2021

Wa-Keeney Horse Breeder’s Assn.

Bayard 40394 Imported Percheron Stallion. Bayard has passed the examination of the State Veterinary department. He is a registered, [...]

1902, 2021


Kicks a Car, Routs a Policeman, but is Subdued by Strategy. February 19, 1906, New York, NY (USA): Skipper [...]

2201, 2021

Fall From a Horse

January 21, 1920, Adelong (AUS): A lad named Rufus Kohl employed at El-Ierslie station left the homestead to bring [...]

1602, 2020

Very Remarkable Horse Surgery

Artificial Breathing for Racehorses by Means of Tracheotomy. Silver Tubes Inserted in Their Throats as Skillfully as in a [...]

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