Preparing for evacuation from the wildfires near Williams Lake, British Columbia (CAN), Cindy Roddick asked her 15-year-old son Jacob to spray paint their phone number on the family’s two horses.

“What the hell happened to my horse?” she asked on inspecting her son’s work.

It seems Jacob misunderstood his instructions.

“I thought she told me to just spray paint the entire horse to make it visible, so that way, if we had to let them go, people could find them,” he explained.

Rosy, yes that is the mare’s name, has become a social media sensation when her photo was posted on Facebook. Neighbors enjoyed a good laugh and began volleying quips about Cindy’s pink horse.

“What girl doesn’t want, a pink horse”
“She’s a true paint now”
“Can’t wait to find out if she glows in the dark”

As of Monday evening there were 5 wildfires nearby and more than 200 fires throughout Canada. The Roddicks have not had to evacuate. While it only took Jacob 20 minutes to paint Rosy using non-toxic spray paint, it will certainly take him a lot longer to scrub it all off.

Ask what Rosy thinks of her new coat Jacob joked, “She’s old so she doesn’t really give a (care) about anything anymore other than eating.”

Stay safe WARHorses!

Feature Image Courtesy Cindy Roddick