This past week America’s airports have been a source of news, not good.  Bad behavior exhibited by the airlines included dragging a man from his seat and breaking his nose and a flight attendant who brought a mother to tears when he wrenched a stroller from her hands.

Flying is unnerving even on a good day.  For those who suffer a fear of flying (me) stress levels sore simply trying to get to the boarding gate. Airports are packed, security lines long, the din of conversation and intercom announcements is mind numbing. Its enough to turn Mr. Roger’s terminally good mood sour.

At the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky airport, there is a reprieve for all teeth clenching travelers on the verge of loosing their cool. Horses!

Wendy and Harley, two miniature therapy horses greet travelers offering free hugs for stressed out humans. The pair from Seven Oaks Farm work at the airport twice a month. This is the first miniature horse therapy program in the U.S. and to date it is a big hit, especially with children.

The airport began the therapy horse program in 2016. Airport management was in the process of researching a therapy dog program when Lisa Moad, Founder of Seven Oaks Farm happened to call.  Lisa had the idea of using therapy horses at the airport after witnessing an incident in person.

“My husband and I were at an airport, and a guy was going off on someone at the counter,” explained Lisa. “My husband leaned over and said, ‘that guy needs a little animal therapy.”

You don’t need to love horses to benefit from their calming effects. A few minutes petting these quiet creatures is guaranteed to turn your frown upside down. Happy Trails WARHorses.

Tinker the bell rining mini

WARHorses has posted about miniature horses before. You may remember Tinker who rings holiday bells for the Salvation Army in Wisconsin. Last week Tinker was honored as “Horse of the Year” during the Midwest Horse Fair in Madison, Wisconsin.

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