Winfield, IN (USA), Jan 30, 2019: Winfield, located south of Chicago, is like much of the Upper Midwest suffering through a record breaking polar vortex. At the time Ernest Belcher was going out to feed his horses Wednesday morning, the temperature hovered at -20 fahrenheit (-29 celsius). An undeniably unpleasant way to start one’s morning chores. But it was about to get worse.

When Belcher reached the pasture he discovered one of his horses wedged between two trees and the fence line. Local authorities arrived to help extract the horse. The horse had been stuck in the tree for a while and was showing signs of fatigue. Rescuers were concerned he might not survive.

Using a chainsaw, the rescuers were able to cut a wedge into the truck which gave enough for the horse to lift itself free. Afterward the horse was reported in good condition, recovering in the barn.

Photo Courtesy Marshal Dan Ball