He was born wild, a mustang roaming free in the American west. Free until his herd was rounded up and he was sent to the Northern Nevada Correctional Center (NNCC) chosen for the inmate wild horse training program and a better chance for adoption. He excelled with his training, this a large, black-bay horse with a noble disposition. Then one day he caught the eye of an important visitor.

Caisson Team at Arlington National Cemetery
Photo Courtesy The Old Army Guard

The Caisson Platoon Leader from Fort Meyer, Virginia chose him to enter the training program at Arlington National Cemetery. He will become one of a handful of elite military horses to serve our country escorting deceased military men and women to their final resting place. When his training is complete he,Olaf, will join one of 4 caisson teams consisting of 7 horses, 4 riders and 1 serviceman who who displays the colors of the deceased’s branch of service. Each year there are approximately 1700 funerals honoring all 5 branches of the services. Olaf, who once roamed free across the western plains will take his place honoring those who gave their lives to fight for freedom.

Photography Courtesy: kolotv.com and The Old National Guard

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