Of the 42 strong field that set out, 35 are still going in the 2017 Mongol Derby, the world’s longest, and um, did we mention, toughest, horse race at 1000KM across the Mongolian steppe.

The team on the ground report that they’ve had “four seasons in a week with the Mongolian weather – day two saw borderline hypothermia; snorkels and x-ray vision were highly recommended. Day five saw blazing sun; the mercury may not read sky-high, but when you’re kitted out riding for 13 hours with zero shade, it’s scorching.”

The leading group is expected to finish the race tomorrow, Tuesday 15th August including;

Jakkie Mellett, 40, from Lyndon in South Africa who has displayed incredible riding skills throughout, bringing his horses in at every urtuu (horse station) in brilliant condition – he leads the field at 880 kilometres and is doing the the Derby “to prove to his kids their dad is no sissy boy”.

Ed Fernon, 29, our Olympic pentathlete from Sydney Australia, and another South African, Barry Armitage, 51, are currently in joint second, approx. 25 kilometres behind Jakkie.

Following them another 40kms behind are William ‘Dingo’ Comiskey, 29 from Long Reach, Australia and joint winner in 2016, and Warren Sutton, 45 from Victoria, Australia.


  • Clare Salmon, UK – bad ankle
  • Gigi Kay, UK – fractured ribs
  • Jane Boxhall, UK – fall
  • Julia Fisher, US – cracked ribs
  • Marianne Williams, USA – fall
  • Neil Goldie-Scott, UK – joined his wife, Clare Salmon
  • Rick Helson, USA – dehydation and hypothermia

Stay tuned, we’ll post the final results once all the racers have safely crossed the finish line.

Follow the Derby HERE.

Photography Courtesy Julian Herbert @ Mongol Derby 2017