Dumping a horse is never a good idea, never. Sadly, it is a decision upon which some horse owners resort and seems to be the case for this grey mare in south Florida.

On November 19, off-duty animal control officers were hunting pythons in the Everglades when they stumbled upon the distressed mare trapped shoulder deep in a muddy ditch. The officers called 911 called for help which included the South Florida SPCA Horse Rescue team.

Within minutes, crews hoisted the mare safely from the ditch. Able to stand on her own, she was examined by an on-site veterinarian. Though obviously emaciated, the elderly mare did not suffer serious injury from her ordeal in the swamp. Rescuers do not know where the horse came from, but suspect she was abandoned by her owners.

The mare is currently in the care of the South Florida SPCA Horse Rescue, receiving plenty of TLC at their facility. A happy ending for this mare who will now be cared for through her remaining senior years.

Photography Courtesy the South Florida SPCA Horse Rescue.


Nearly a year ago to the date, the SFSPCA rescued another emaciated mare dumped in the everglades. Her transformation is a testament to proper care. The SFSPCA currently cares for more than 50 horses. You may make a donation or adopt a horse through their website.