April 30, 2019 Lakewood, NJ (USA): Nearly a fifth of the preschool students enrolled in the Lakewood school district have special education needs. To meet those needs, the school district is adding additional classes and seeking help from a unique resource – EATS or Equine-Assisted Therapy.

Peanut is one of several therapy ponies and dogs that will begin working with the special needs students. Public school physical therapist, Kyna Darrow Bar received a $6000 stipend to develop the program.

“Horses can encourage good behavior, help with sensory issues, physical development and communication,” said Darrow Bar. “The goal is to let the ponies help meet the needs of our students.”

The children will benefit both physically and emotionally from their interactions with Peanut and friends. Undoubtedly Peanut will enjoy the attention and an occasional treat.

Photography Courtesy: Lakewood Public School District. Peanut, Kathy Rogers Taler (Peanut’s handler) and Kyna Darrow Barr attend a recent school board meeting.