June 5, 2019 W, Ogden, NY (USA): Early one recent morning, officers from the Ogden Police Department responded to calls of a run-away disrupting commuters. It did not take long to locate the culprit found running in the road. The suspect was quickly apprehended but unable to answer questions leaving officers to consider what to do next?

“Even a mini horse won’t fit in the back of a police cruiser,” considered Police Chief, Christopher Mears. “And you can’t ride it.”

So they tied a long rope to the mini and from the patrol car window lead her to a nearby stable until her owners were located a short time later.

Afterward, the police department enjoyed a BIT of HORSEPLAY with this story POSTING on social media that the mini was a real TROOPER to run along side the patrol car and suggesting that they were starting a mounted horse unit.

“It’s good times,” explained Mears.

Photography Courtesy: the Ogden Police Department

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