The Interior Ministry of Poland has proposed new legislation that would grant dogs and horses serving the police, border guard and fire services the type of retirement they deserve. The legislation grants official status to each working animal and a stipend paid to their new owners to help cover their cost. The law was drafted following appeals from service members concerned when the animals are given away with no safeguards for their future welfare.
The law would affect approximately 1200 dogs and 60 horses currently in service to their communities. Nearly 10% of service animals are retired annually. The draft law also includes a statement giving the animal’s handlers first rights before they are offered for adoption.
In its essence the law extends the states responsibility for the animals into their retirement and secures financial support for their new owners. The draft law will be presented to Parliament later this year. Its backers expect unanimous support describing it as a “moral obligation”.

File photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons/Zorro2212