Under Ponciin’s tuteledge, Teddy finished his first painting in about two hours.
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Elodie Poncin, an art and design student at Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, England wanted her last student art exhibit to be memorable. Inspired by her lifelong passion for horses, Poncin decided to incorporate horses into her exhibit not to paint but rather to be the painter.

Poncin enlisted a Welsh cross pony named Teddy as her protege. Using the same tactics to train a dog, Poncin first approached Teddy’s lesson with a simple task – holding a sponge in his mouth. Step by step the tasks became more difficult, holding a brush in his teeth then placing the brush on canvas and finally moving the brush to apply strokes of paint. Teddy, never one to decline attention or treats, was happy to oblige and eager to learn. In less than eight hours, Teddy was creating works of art and Poncin had four masterpieces for her exhibit titled; Straight from a Horse’s Mouth, It’s Pasture Bedtime, Unbridled and Get Off Your High Horse.


Teddy seems pleased with his work.
PC: SWNS: South West News Service

Photo Credit: SWNS: South West News Service

Blood, Sweat & Tears performing “Spinning Wheel” released in 1969.