UK based horse trainer and award winning film maker, Emma Massingale is embarking on a “miniature” adventure this summer. Emma will be trekking with two miniature horses across Europe in a custom built carriage but here’s the twist. Emma will be providing all the horse power.

Emma will peddle her two miniature horses, Percy and Stanley, in a custom tricycle designed by her father and built by Metrax Engineering. Along for the ride is Emma’s dog and navigator, Inca. Their route will cross 1000 miles and 6 countries in 6 weeks.

“Horses have pulled us for centuries so I rather like the fact that I’m pulling them,” states Emma on her Facebook page.

Emma is renown for her equestrian adventures including The Island Project. In 2015 Emma moved to an uninhabited island off the cost of Ireland where she spent one month living at liberty with six Connemara horses, four from her Liberty team and two untrained horses. Her motivation for this summer’s “Trike Trek” is simply to make people smile.

“My horses make me smile everyday, this is not only incredible therapy but has helped me become the horsewomen I am today,” explains Emma.

Should you be out on a stroll this summer and Emma, Percy, Stanley and Inca peddle by, be certain to wave and give them a big smile!