The Mardi Gras parades in New Orleans, Louisiana are wonderfully raucous, an experience guaranteed to overload your senses. Horses have a long been featured favorites, trotting proudly along the parade route. For years Cascade Stables has purchased dozens of extra horses from a local slaughter pen and leased them to krewes for use in the parades. Afterward the revelries, the horses are returned to the stable but due to lack of space they are sold within a few days to anyone interested or simply returned to brokers who ship them back to the slaughter pen.

This year the Humane Society of Louisiana partnered with Cascade Stables and introduced a new adoption program – their goal – to find a good adoptive home every Mardi Gras horse. Volunteers have photographed and written profiles about each horse and staffed a new FB Page “New Orleans Mardi Gras Horses Available for Adoption”.

“We are delighted that the public responded so positively to this new program and everyone worked very hard to ensure that these noble creatures who performed a civic duty for our city during Carnival will all eventually go to great homes,” said Humane Society director Jeff Dorson.

Information about horses and application instructions are on the FB page. Mardi Gras was February 28 and as of this morning, March 2, eleven of this year’s twelve parade horses have found homes. MG7, Simone, was the last horse still available and hoping for a good home.

Mardi Gras parade horse, Simone, the last horse hoping for a new home

Please show your WARHorse support and consider liking their FB page, perhaps even take a minute to send an email encouraging them to repeat this program next year (and forever).


Photography Courtesy Magazine Robert Horse Riders