Kangaroos hanging trackside are not an uncommon sight in Australia. Most of the time they move away from the racing horses as they pass. Most of the time but not THIS time.

Earlier this week an intrepid kangaroo decided to show his stuff when he joined a horse race at Cessnock Race Course in NSW, Australia. The racing roo joined the field midway and held his own for some distance before dashing off the course.

Steward Danny Greer, who witnessed the unusual turn of events, said: “I have heard of kangaroos being near race tracks before, but never have I seen a kangaroo keep up with the field for that length of time – it was about 150 meters.”

The horses were unfazed, none seemed to even acknowledge their oddly gaited competitor. Champion Jockey Robert Thompson, who rode Cunning As A Tiger to victory, later joked that the brief incursion had been part of a “game plan” to take out the competition.

Certainly an unusual situation at a race track – or is it?

In 2011 infiltrating kangaroos disrupted several races at Hanging Rock in Victoria, Australia. The track had recently installed taller fencing to keep the bouncers off the track but on this day it was for naught. Waves of roos made their way to the infield via the track. Stewards called the races for safety concerns.

Certainly an unusual situation at a race track in Australia – or is it?

Rudy Roo Roo

In 2016, Rudy Roo Roo escaped an infield petting zoo to dart about a race track in Hot Springs, Arkansas (USA). Rudy never had a chance to show up the thoroughbreds with his need for speed though he did put the pursuing gulf carts to shame.

Certainly an unusual situation at any race track on Earth – or is it?