It’s a phenomenon of winter weather – horses falling into frozen ponds. Two recent incidents remind us to fortify our fence lines and perhaps utilize a non-pond pasture when the temps dip below freezing. No one wants their horse to experience this terrifying, potentially deadly situation –  helpless and stuck in icy water.

December 13, 2017 near Detroit, MI

Sheriff’s Deputies from Macomb County and the Ray Township Fire Department responded to a horse who fell through a frozen pond. The horse was unable to get to its feet. Rescuers broke the ice providing an escape route. A veterinarian was on hand to examine the horse, who fully recovered.

January 5, 2018 near Winston-Salem, NC

A horse in Davie County wandered onto a frozen pond, slipped and fell through the ice. Weighted by a heavy blanket, the horse was unable to get to his feet. Animal Control, along with the Mocksville Fire Department and Davie County Rescue Squad were able to get to the horse safely onto dry land. The horse was given a new, dry blanket and moved to a heated stable. A local veterinarian, on hand for the rescue, examined the horse, who should also recover.

Many WARHorses in the Northern Hemisphere are experiencing particularly harsh wintery weather, at least more so than in recent years. Before the next wintery blasts sets in, we encourage you to check, secure and fortify against access to ponds and rivers. Your horse will thank you. Stay warm AND for heaven’s sake stay dry!